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All you need to know about the Vagamon Glass Bridge in Kerala

The Vagamon glass bridge is the first of its kind in Kerala. The structure has garnered much interest for its uniqueness and the sight it offers. It is increasingly becoming a sought-after tourist spot for a number of reasons. The excitement around this structure does not seem to be dying down any time soon.

What is so unique about it?

The Vagamon glass bridge is a cantilever skywalk. A cantilever bridge in itself is quite a unique structure when it comes to the types of bridges. The bridge is called so because it is built using these structures called cantilevers. A cantilever is essentially an anchoring feature. It allows one end of the bridge to remain attached to the ground while the other end of the bridge projects horizontally into space. Cantilever bridges are usually quite strong since cantilever decks happen to be dense, which implies that these are significantly rigid structures.

A skywalk is a structure aptly described as an elevated walkway that offers a convenient medium to allow people to commute from one location to the other. The bridge comprises both of these amazing features. It is additionally made of glass, which not only adds to its uniqueness but also makes it a wonder to behold. This bridge is quite the spot for people who wish to have a state of excitement while ensuring that they do so in all safety.

Where is it located?

The glass bridge in India is to be found in Vagamon, Kerala. Vagamon is an Indian hill station and a revenue village primarily situated in Peerumedu taluk of Idukki district. It has remained largely unexplored for centuries, but there’s little to describe the awe-inspiring beauty it has to offer. National Geographic Traveler has even listed Vagamon in their directory of the fifty most attractive places to visit in the nation.

Given its elevation and persisting climate, Vagamon has a unique ecosystem. It is a result of these factors that has led to the emergence of rich natural vegetation, diverse plant species, one-of-a-kind fauna, etc. From the early 20th century, plantations of crops like tea and coffee had begun in these regions. Vagamon Hills have been largely untouched and unchanged and thus are home to less explored flora and fauna. A range of ongoing biodiversity surveys are expected to shed more light on the richness of biodiversity that this location has to offer.

What are some common facts to know about the Glass Bridge in Vagamon?

  • The glass bridge comprises no less than five layers of glass, each 40 mm in thickness.
  • Construction of this marvel required about 35 tonnes of steel so that the structure could be well supported.
  • Steel used in the construction has been imported from Germany.
  • The structure of the bridge consists of steel pillars grounded on the mountain summit, while six metal cables support the structure.
  • Construction as well as the design of the bridge, were the result of a public-private partnership between the district tourism promotion council and Bharat Mata Ventures Pvt Ltd.
  • The complete construction of this structure required an investment of ₹3 crores.
  • This bridge offers a spectacular and distant view of places like Koottikkal, Mundakkayam, and Kokkayar.
  • The Vagamon bridge happens to be the longest cantilever glass bridge in the whole of India, with a length of 40m.
  • This  skywalk  happens to be located 3500 feet above sea level.
  • The structure was opened to the public on 25 August 2023.

Know more!

Here’s what you should know when visiting this spectacular spot!

The spot is sure to get your heart pumping and is bound to be a treat for the eyes. Surrounded by nature, it offers a mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the region around and is thus loved by many. The bridge is becoming increasingly popular; therefore, in order to control the rush, only 15 people are allowed to walk along the glass bridge at a time. A time slot of 5-10 minutes is allotted to each group  to experience this fantastic moment. 

The Vagamon glass bridge charges a fee of Rs 500 for an individual, regardless of their age. Based on reports, in the very first week of its opening, about 3,463 tourists visited the cantilever glass skywalk. It has also been estimated that about 700 to 800 tourists visit this site of attraction each day! It is due to this that upon increased requests from people, the charge for the visiting fee has been reduced from Rs 500 to R 250 per individual. People can also experience numerous other exciting activities in this region. These thrilling activities include sky swing, sky cycling, rocker ejector, sky roller, giant swing, free fall, and zip line.

Whenever you visit the state of Kerala, be sure to visit this wonder and have the experience of a lifetime. Be it your love for nature or your wish to seek thrilling adventures. This opportunity is bound to leave you feeling content or simply willing to return for more. Don’t know where to start? Findinkerala has you covered. 

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