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Kerala School Marks History with India’s First AI Teacher

The state known for its highest literacy rate in India, again makes history by introducing the first-ever AI teacher in the nation. The KTCT Higher Secondary School in Kerala’s capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, introduced an AI-enabled humanoid teacher, Iris, who is proficient in three languages: English, Malayalam, and Hindi. Developed by Makerlabs Edutech Private Limited as a part of the NITI Aayog’s ATL project, Iris revolutionizes conventional teaching methods with the power of AI to create an exceptional personalized experience. Iris has already marked a victory with a record of zero absentees in her class period. With a vast knowledge base, this AI teacher has captivated students with its ability to move, interact, and respond to questions. The teachers at KTCT are spellbound to witness the curiosity among the students in interacting with the AI teacher.

The Teacher for the Entire School

With a creation that boasts humanoid features, Iris can handle subjects from Kindergarten to Class 12th. Iris stands apart from other conventional AI teaching systems, confined to screens, with its physical presence that adds a new dimension to classroom dynamics. Iris answers complex questions in various subjects, offers personalized voice assistance, and fosters interactive learning. With 3,000 students in 57 divisions, almost every class has had the privilege to interact with Iris. Future plans call for the school management consider dedicating one period per week to the ATLab and AI teacher, from the next academic year.

The Exceptional Features

Iris is programmed with ChatGPT to evolve into an omniscient artificial intelligence teacher. Google Conversion is used to process and convert voice input to audio. Bluetooth enables motion control. No compromise in classroom interaction is made as Iris mimics human gestures, although lacking in emotional nuance. With wheels, Iris boasts mobility as it moves forward and backward and even shakes hands with the students like a human teacher. With proficiency in 3 languages, Iris accommodates diverse linguistic needs, with plans to expand to over 20 languages.

Powered by generative AI, Iris accommodates an extensive knowledge base, with filters to block inappropriate content like drugs, and violence. Furthermore, to enable the complete automation of Iris, the makers intend to install an AI camera system. This will enable the AI teacher to distinguish between students and teachers, identify the people in front of it, and answer their questions effectively.

The Makers of The Humanoid Teacher

The technically skilled students were selected for the Atal Tinkering Lab and were provided monthly technical sessions. With 2 years of workshops, the ATL students at KTCT were inspired to implement their knowledge into an innovative reality. The students and teachers at KTCT discussed this AI teacher concept with Hari Sagar and Shyam Babu of Maker’s Lab. With their initiative, 5 students developed Iris, the new sensation in India. The school management states that it is high time to stop judging students based on their academic excellence. Iris is an innovation made by backbenchers. While the front benchers excelled in academics, the backbenchers were always keen to acquire technical skills and make incredible innovations.

Words from the Students

The students are highly contented with their new teacher as she neither gives them homework or imposition, nor ask them questions or punish them. In addition to expressing gratitude that the new AI teacher wouldn’t scold them, many pupils stated that Iris would be instructive in assisting them to think outside the box.

Final Thoughts

With the introduction of Iris, Kerala marks a significant advancement in the educational scenario. Despite conflicting opinions across the country regarding AI teachers taking the place of human educators, it is indisputable that students adore their humanoid teachers for their lenience and omniscience. Furthermore, projects like ATL Labs can enhance the technical proficiency of students, allowing them to think and innovate out of the box, rather than sticking to the academic curriculum. Makers Lab is diligently attempting to introduce the AI teacher concept to other educational institutions in Kerala.

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