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Asthma ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease which causes the lining of the airways to become swollen and inflamed, the smooth muscles of the airways to tighten, and in many cases the production of thick, sticky mucus. These airway changes make breathing harder. Many asthmatics only experience symptoms during an acute “attack” induced by pollen, dust mites, exertion (particularly in cold, dry weather), a cold, or virus.Ayurvedic Asthma Treatment in Kerala offers a natural and holistic approach to managing asthma. Ayurveda uses ancient wisdom and specialised techniques to treat asthma, improve lung function, and improve respiratory health.

Asthma falls under’swasa roga’ in Ayurveda.Vata imbalance in the respiratory system makes breathing difficult, alone or with Kapha. Vata dries the mucous, making it thick and sticky. As with other disorders, ama increases this heaviness, stickiness, and predisposition for inflammation.

‘Shodana’ or purification is Ayurveda’s initial treatment for swas rog. This treatment expels the excess doshas from their sites of accumulation. This treats the condition at a deep level and decreases the chance of recurrence.

Shodhana: Shodhana is the purpose of panchakarma.. This removes poisons from the body.

Snehana: The body or the affected areas are first both internally and externally lubricated.

Swedana: Steaming afflicted areas does this. Reduces inflammation. Sandbag fomentation is advised in ‘Amavata’.

Virechana: Oral or herbal purgation causes it. Virechana eliminates ‘ama’. Cleansing the bowel helps medicines absorb and assimilate.

Vasthi: This is accomplished by administering a botanical enema. It is helpful in chronic cases.

Shamana Chikitsa: Ayurveda’s proven foods, treatments, and lifestyles do it.

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